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Tensile Stages (500 N and 10 kN)

The  Kammrath Weiss 500 N and 10 kN tensile/compression stages are used to study static or dynamic surface changes under a controlled mechanical load. Samples that can be tested include metals, ceramics, glass, minerals, wood, and organic materials for in situ and ex situ tests. The testing load fits into the Fera FIB-SEM sample stages.

Key features and applications for tensile stages

  1. 500 N or 10 kN load stages
  2. Sample dimensions (max): 60 mm x 10 mm x 5 mm
  3. Deformations speed range: 0.3 to 50 µm/s
  4. Displacement: linear encoder displacement gauge (100 nm resolution)
  5. Extensometer: +/- 1 mm range, <100 nm resolution
  6. Heating/cooling: room temperature up to 800 °C
  7. Image-capture: viewing images (SEM, BSE, inBeam SE, inBeam BSE) along with the data curve

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For training on these instruments, please contact Dr. Wilson Serem or Dr. Winson Kuo.