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Tescan LYRA-3

Tescan LYRA-3 Model GMH Focused Ion Beam Microscope

  • Schottky Field Emission Electron Source
  • SE, BSE detectors
  • STEM (dark and bright field imaging)
  • EBIC imagining system (electron beam induced conductivity)
  • Fully integrated Canion Ga LMIS Focused Ion Beam column
  • 5-Reservoir Gas Injection System: W deposition, Pt deposition, Insulator (SiOx) deposition, Enhanced Etching (H2O), Enhanced or selective etching of Si, SiO2, Si3N4, W (XeF2)
  • SmarAct 3-axis (XYZ) Piezo Nanomanipulator and controller
  • Beam Deceleration Mode for imaging at low voltage
  • Standard EDS Microanalysis System with X- MaxN 50

Typical Applications:

  • FIB milling (etching) or FIB deposition of well-defined micro and nano structures
  • Milling surface cross section to investigate the structure or composition
  • Preparation of TEM lamellae and in-situ lift out

To be trained on the LYRA, please contact Dr. Winson Kuo.