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The Mission of the MCF is to train students to use state-of-the-art instrumentation in support of their research and educational goals and to provide infrastructure and centralized resources for faculty across campus who wish to apply for funding for new instrumentation that further enhances Materials Science and Engineering at TAMU.

    • Instrument training can be arranged once the Training Request Form has been completed and signed by both the intended user and his/her advisor. The amount of training required varies from instrument to instrument
    • Faculty are invoiced at the end of every month for instrument use, supplies, training, and consulting.

Acknowledgement Policy

The TAMU MCF provides instrumentation and consulting services that address the needs of the TAMU community involved in teaching and research related to materials and the life sciences.  To facilitate interdisciplinary interactions between the TAMU community and the MCF staff, the following policy regarding acknowledgement of MCF contributions is now in effect.

MCF users who have incorporated data obtained from MCF resources into publications and presentations will acknowledge the MCF facilities and personnel who contributed.  The MCF recognizes that samples and all research materials involved in these investigations are the property of the Principal Investigator (PI), who serves as the responsible individual representing the University on funded projects.  Just as the intellectual property at the heart of the investigation may be owned by the PI, so the ideas for new methods developed by the MCF staff may be the intellectual property of the Technical Staff, to be used with their authorization.  In many cases, techniques will be developed as the result of joint efforts.

Ideally, these different facets will augment each other and can be published together or separately as appropriate. In any case, the two parties should discuss the best way to disseminate the information and must recognize and respect each others’ contributions either by authorship or acknowledgement.  In the case of co-authorship, contributions to the writing of a paper is both a privilege and requirement. Cases of disagreement or potential conflict arising from prior agreements (or more likely, lack of prior agreements) will be resolved through the Office of the Vice President for Research in consultation with the Director of the MCF, or an ad hoc committee of their choosing.

Research carried out in part or in full using MCF facilities will thus fall into one of three categories, with services and/or contributions requiring the following acknowledgements:

    • Use of facilities only (PI and associates carry out the research) requires acknowledgement of facilities in all resulting publications and presentations.  The following acknowledgement should be used: “Use of the TAMU Materials Characterization Facility is acknowledged.”
    • Provision of routine procedures and methods by MCF Staff requires acknowledgement of facilities and individuals in the resulting publications.  The following acknowledgement should be used: “Use of the TAMU Materials Characterization Facility and (Dr./Mr./Ms.) ____________ are acknowledged.”
    • Contributions of MCF Staff that include development and implementation of original techniques, experimental design, interpretation, or other significant intellectual input require co-authorship and acknowledgement of facilities.  The following acknowledgement should be used: “Use of the TAMU Materials Characterization Facility is acknowledged.”

Upon acceptance of your publication acknowledging MCF, send the complete citation to Ms. René Yeargan. Upon publication, send a reprint, photocopy, or PDF file to Ms. Yeargan-Stutt at or one of the following addresses:

Campus Mail: Ms. René Yeargan-Stutt Materials Characterization Facility 3471 TAMU College Station, TX 77843-3471

U.S. Mail: Ms. René Yeargan-Stutt Materials Characterization Facility 1617 Research Parkway, 224 Giesecke Engineering Research Building, Texas A&M University College Station, TX 77843-3471