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The Nanofilm EP3-SE is a high-precision, auto-nulling spectroscopic imaging ellipsometer in the PCSA configuration.  The EP3-SE can achieve ellipsometric resolution of up to Δ ± 0.002 deg / Ψ ± 0.001 deg and accuracy of ± 0.1 deg.  Its motorized goniometer has an angle of incidence range of 40-90 degrees.  The EP3-SE is equipped with a Xenon arc lamp, allowing spectroscopic ellipsometric scanning from 365-1000 nm at 46 wavelengths—a useful capability for the determination of optical properties for complex films and stacks.  Additionally, a CCD camera allows for the capture of optical and ellipsometric images.

Key features:

  • high precision
  • superior spatial resolution (down to 1 µm)
  • large area imaging ellipsometry up to several square centimeters
  • single or multiple laser wavelengths
  • motorized goniometer for angle-of-incidence (AoI) adjustment
  • multiple Regions-of-Interest (ROI)
  • Δ and Ψ mapping

For more information about the EP3-SE, go to

Ellipsometer instructions

To be trained on this instrument, please contact Dr. Jing Wu.

Nanofilm EP3 manual

Choosing the appropriate type of measurment