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Titan Themis 300 S/TEM

The Titan Themis3 300 S/TEM is one of the most advanced electron microscopy platform providing high-resolution imaging with high performance analytical investigation capabilities at atomic level. It combines proven spherical aberration (Cs) –correctors to both image and probe forming optic system resulting in resolution limits below 1 Å for both modes for all high tensions between 60 kV and 300 kV. The high brightness electron gun (X-FEG) equipped with a monochromator to improve the energy resolution in combination with a high-sensitivity SDD X-ray spectrometer (Super-X) and a high-resolution post-column energy filter (GIF Quantum) creates a high performance analytical instrument perfectly suited for the nanoanalytical characterization of all kinds of materials and devices. Energy filtered TEM (EFTEM) imaging, high-resolution electron energy-loss spectroscopy (EELS) as well as energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDXS) yield chemical, elemental as well as bonding information even down to the atomic scale.


Instrument Configurations:

Extreme Field Emission Gun ( X-FEG)

  • Brightness ( ≥ 7*107 A/m2 sr V)
  • Current ( ≥ 50nA before Monochromator)
  • Current Stability (≤ 1% over 7 days)
  • Spatial Coherency
  • Temporal Coherency (Energy Resolution at 300KV without Monochromator ≤ 0.8eV)


  • Energy Resolution at 300KV ≤ 0.2eV


  • 60 to 300KV

3 Lens Condenser

  • Large parallel illumination range in TEM (nm to µm range)
  • Large convergence angle range in STEM

DCOR Probe Cs Corrector (FOR STEM)

  • Correct high order aberrations ( 3rd, 4th and 5th order aberrations)

Super-Twin Objective Lens

  • Wide Pole Piece Gap (5mm)
  • Large sample tilting range (±70)

Piezo Stage

  • Atomic step size (20pm) in X, Y and Z

Super-X EDS Detectors

  • 4 Silicon Drift Detectors / Windowless
  • Large Solid Angle ( 0.9 srad)
  • High Throughput rate ( >240kcps)
  • Energy Resolution at Mn Kα < 128eV
  • Dwell Times per Pixel < 10µs

CETCOR Image Cs Corrector (FOR TEM)

CETA Camera

  • 4K*4K CMOS Camera

Gatan Image Filter Quantum ERS

  • Ultrascan 2K* 2K CCD
  • Large EELS detection range (2000eV)


Location and Contact Information

The Titan Themis3 300 S/TEM at Texas A&M University is located in the Materials Characterization Facility (MCF) in the Frederick E. Giesecke Engineering Research Building (ERB) located at 1617 Research Parkway. On the interactive Aggie campus map this is building 1611.

The microscope is located in room 149 and the sample preparation lab associated with the instrument is located in room 150.

Inquiries about use of the instrument, scheduling, and sample preparation or any other enquiries should be directed to:


Winson C. H. Kuo, D. Phil FRMS MInstP | Scientist


Office: 152 GERB

or Dr. Sisi Xiang.



Scheduling for Titan Themis3 300 S/TEM will not be available through iLab and users have to contact Dr. Kuo to schedule time for using Titan Themis 300 S/TEM at least two weeks in advance prior their sample submission.

Due to the requirement for transmitting electrons, the thin area on TEM samples are generally below 100 nm; in cases where high-resolution imaging is required, below 30 nm.

There are several requests for Titan samples:

  1. No magnetic samples are allowed in the TEM chanber.
  2. Bulk samples must be on 3mm diameter disk.  The thickness on the edge of the bulk sample must be in the range of 50-70 nm maximum.  Samples will be checked by the MCF Scientist by optical microscope before loading into the TEM chamber.
  3. Powder samples must be prepared by MCF Scientist.
  4. FIB samples must wield properly onto the FIB grid.

Sample Submission

  • Fill the attached form
  • Send the form back through email to Dr Kuo with Subject Title:

TAMU Titan Sample- (Your Name)-(YYYYMMDD)

  • If any other supporting material/results, please attached in the same email above
  • Print the form
  • Put your TEM sample along with your printed sample submission form into an envelope
  • Pass the above envelope to Dr. Kuo’s office