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PI 85 and PI 95 PicoIndenter

The in situ PI 95 TEM/PI 85 PicoIndenters are full-fledged depth-sensing nanoindenters capable of direct-observation of nanomechanical tests inside the TEM and SEM respectively. Both PicoIndenters provide quantitative force-displacement data which can be time-correlated to real-time events in the TEM/SEM videos.

Key features and applications for PI 95 TEM

  1. MEMS transducer for in situ indentation and scratching capabilities.
  2. Direct observation of deformation events such as phase transformations, dislocations bursts, and the onset of fracture.
  3. Q-Control to dampen transducer oscillations.
  4. 1000 µN maximum force; 2 µm maximum displacement.

Key features and applications for PI 85 SEM

  1. Electrostatic actuation and capacitive displacement sensing transducer technology.
  2. Load or displacement controlled testing modes for quasi-static nanoindentation.
  3. Nanomechanical properties including hardness, stiffness, and elastic modulus
  4. 10,000 µN maximum force; 5 µm maximum displacement.

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For training on this instrument, please contact Dr. Wilson Serem.