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MultiMode AFM

Digital Instruments Nanoscope AFM/STM

The MCF currently has a Digital Instruments Nanoscope AFM/STM for scanning probe microscopy.  The system is comprised of a Nanoscope III and a system controller fitted to a MultiMode TM scanhead.  We have the following capabilities:

  • contact mode atomic force microscopy (CM-AFM)
  • intermittent mode (tapping) atomic force microscopy (TM-AFM)
  • scanning tunneling microscopy (STM)
  • lateral force (friction) microscopy (LFM)
  • imaging in a liquid environment
  • variety of scanner sizes (few nanometers to tens of microns)
  • sample heater (ambient up to 100 °C)

AFM Instructions

For more information, go to

To be trained on this instrument, please contact Dr. Wilson Serem.