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Plot of analytical resolution vs. detection limit for common analysis techniques

Analytical Resolution vs. Detection Limit (Evans Analytical Group,

How to become an MCF user:

  1. Contact the MCF staff scientist in charge of the instrument on which you wish to be trained to arrange a training session. Training and checkout procedures vary by instrument.
  2. Carefully read the MCF Facility Manual.
  3. Fill out, print, and sign the MCF Signature Page. This is your confirmation that you have read the MCF Manual and your agreement to abide by all MCF lab safety rules.
  4. Fill out and print the MCF Work Area Specific Safety Training form. (You will be given an MCF safety orientation at the beginning of your first instrument training session.)
  5. Print a copy of your TrainTraq transcript showing you have completed a lab safety course.
  6. Fill out the MCF Training Request Form. Don’t forget your advisor’s signature and a complete billing account number.
  7. Bring your Signature Page, Work Area Specific Safety Training form, TrainTraq transcript, and Training Request Form with you to your first MCF instrument training session.
  8. Make sure you are wearing lab appropriate clothing and bring the appropriate eye protection (as discussed with the MCF staff scientist) to your training session. Eye protection must be worn in all MCF labs.