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Instrument User Fee Night/Weekend*
MultiMode AFM $24/hr
Icon AFM $28/hr $23/hr (Night/Weekend)
AFM-IR $30/hr
Nanoindenter $24/hr $21/hr (Night/Weekend)
Dip Pen Nanolithography $24/hr
Confocal Miroscope $30/hr
Raman Microscope $30/hr
XPS $25/hr $20/hr (Night/Weekend)
E-Beam Deposition Chamber $40/hr
Imaging Ellipsometer $19/hr
UV-Vis-NIR Spectrometer $19/hr
Spectrofluorometer $19/hr
FTIR $10/hr
Electron Microprobe $30/hr $25/hr (Night/Weekend)
FE-SEM $36/hr
FIB (Lyra & Fera) $34/hr $30/hr (Night/Weekend)
CAMECA SIMS $58/sample
Thermal analysis (TMA, DSC, DMA, Hot Disk) $10/hr
Dielectric spectrometer $10/hr
Sputter Coater $6/run
Silicon wafer 4” $12/ea
Silicon wafer 3″ $9/ea
Silicon wafer 2” $7/ea
Pyrex glass wafer 3″ $20/ea

*Night rates: 5 p.m. to 8 a.m.; Weekend rates: 5 p.m. Friday to 8 a.m. Monday

The MCF rates are the result of a rate study of user facilities at other universities in the US and consultation with the MCF advisory committee.

TAMU users

Instrument use: rates listed above
Staff time for assisted work: $47/hr
Training: instrument rate + $22/hr (staff time)

Other universities, government agencies, nonprofit

Instrument use: 150% of rates listed above
Staff time:


Please contact the MCF for analysis rates